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Our product design and development capabilities have been applied to some of the biggest brands in the world as well as startups and everything in between 

Some of our tailored solutions

Here are a few of our services and partnerships, if you want to know more, feel free to go into our dedicated page.

Research work on behalf of clients, in areas such as: Sweeteners, emulsions, solubility, ingredients, compatibility, stability, fortifications and efficacy.

Fill gap between lab samples and co packers’ MOQ. Small batch production of 10 to 500 cases for sampling and commercial presentation to trade and clients. Manage supply chain to co packer as well as supplier relationships.

  • Unitizating of the copacker batch size.
  • Exact ingredients quantities (macro and micro ingredients).
  • Ingredients blends to simplify copacker manufacture (reduce errors).
  • IP protection (suppliers, specifications, doses).

Direct to retailer presentations, Distributor identification and management, Broker management. Supply chain support. (GBS)

Formula design and development, supplier identification (ingredients, packaging, labels, caps, carton, etc), samples, nutritional panel.

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