Bevnology is a specialist Beverage Consulting and New Product Design firm

We are involved and support every stage of beverage development and launch.

  • Research and Development.
  • Product Development.
  • Pilot plant / Small batch production.
  • Kitting and Specialty ingredients manufacturing.
  • Co packer identification, management and production supervision.
  • Marketing, Strategy and Market entry services (Inbev Capital)
  • Commercial services: Direct to retailer presentations, Distributor identification and management, Broker management and
    Supply chain support. (GBS)

The Founders

Louis Heinsz

Louis, a food scientist, has over 30 years of varied experience within the beverage industry. He began that experience with a long career with The Coca-Cola Co. from which he gained critical knowledge of cultures, food & beverage consumer needs, product design and development, as well as of beverage industry success drivers, working in several continents.

That experience was parlayed into the creation and launch of a restaurant franchise supported by specialty coffee and tea beverages. For the last 6 years, he has focused on helping companies and entrepreneurs, improve and establish the foundations for successful beverage design and commercialization through his company Bevnology consulting.

Gonzalo De Aristegui

Gonzalo began his association with the beverage industry 30 years ago in Europe when he joined The Coca-Cola Co. in Spain. That kicked off a long career in all areas of marketing, (strategic, customer, operational and brand) across multiple countries in 4 continents, that leveraged his cultural sensitivities to materialize more effective business & beverage development initiatives.

Prior to joining BevNology, he was with the Coca-Cola Co., responsible for launching vitaminwater in Greater China, managed the McDonald's relationship there, and was the head of Marketing for the Coca-Cola bottling company in Shanghai.

Our goal is to

“To be the element that drives the client’s vision, by providing a cutting-edge consulting and a steadfast commitment during the process of building their brands”

Bringing your Big Ideas Passion Dreams to Life